+9,528% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic for GlobalVision, a B2B SaaS Company.

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Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Top 10 Keywords


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GlobalVision is an established brand within the packaging industry, working with some of the biggest, most recognisable brands globally, such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Pfizer.

They help companies across all industries save money with their automated proofreading software, eliminating errors in artwork and labels before production.

GlobalVision's core platform specialises in packaging and labelling quality inspection. Their suite of applications encompasses Text, Graphics, Barcode and Print Inspection.


GlobalVision has been in the industry for over 20 years. While they have excellent press coverage online and a good backlink profile, their organic traffic was still lacking overall.

They are in a very niche market of packaging inspection. And because there is very low search volume for the primary target keywords due to lack of awareness for their solution, we had to find a way to educate thei target audience.

Despite not having much direct competition from companies offering the same solution, they still had plenty of indirect competition from an SEO perspective. This competition happened to be authority blogs in packaging, which they had to compete with for related queries in the search results. This is a problem for a company whose target audience is relatively small and needed to target broader terms within packaging and labelling.

They needed a way to attract their target audience to their website to educate them on their solution by ranking for related search terms on Google.


Keyword Research. We did a performed a comprehensive keyword research to ensure we captured as many potential keywords with value. First, we cleaned this list of keywords, grouped these keywords into "clusters", and finally, we mapped all of the keyword groups into NEW and EXISTING content.

Technical Optimisation. Before even optimising the content, we had to ensure that the technical aspects of the website would not hinder its ranking potential. The technical audit focuses on accessibility issues, particularly from Googlebot's perspective. This includes assessing how well Google can find the pages, crawl, render and index them. 

We also assessed SEO equity issues which address any issues that may devalue the page (e.g. duplicate content, incorrect canonicals, language targeting, poor URL format etc.)

Content Strategy. Of course, we can rank content, but how do we decide which content to prioritise?

First, we categorised each keyword group according to their stage in the buyers journey; awareness, consideration and decision. For keyword groups still in the awareness stage, we published long-form, SEO optimised blog posts. These posts were intended to attract any relevant audience, educate them and funnel them into the product pages. 

For keyword groups in the consideration or decision stage, we published product landing pages. These pages were designed for conversion, while still being optimised for SEO.

Link Building. We had a dedicated link building team, prospecting, creating content, and reaching out to packaging-related websites to earn backlinks. We focused our link building efforts towards the product landing pages and the informational blog posts.

We also built internal links from the blog posts to the product landing pages. This funnelled traffic and link 'equity' to the product pages.


  • +325% increase in leads.
  • 1,000 to +10,000 per month in Organic Traffic.
  • +420% increase in top 10 keywords.
  • 32 to 52 Domain Rating.

Tactics Used

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Competitive & Market Share Analysis
  • Link Building

GlobalVision May 2017 vs. Oct 2018 Organic Traffic

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