We GUARANTEE results!

To The Top is a data-driven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency that guarantees positive results or your money back. 

How can we guarantee results when we don’t control Google’s algorithm nor do we know the next update?

We have a unique and data-driven approach to SEO.

In fact, if we do not hit our agreed upon KPIs in 12 months, we will refund 30% of your contract price. 

This is why we want to work with companies whose main goal is to dominate their niche and become the authority figure in their industry. 

Before we set the milestones, we assess the probability of achieving them. We believe there’s no point in setting impossible goals just to close the deal.

We won’t set you up for disappointment.

We approach SEO differently. We start by looking at your competitors and reverse-engineer their SEO processes. 

So far there are over 200 known ranking factors that Google uses. There could be more. 

We will leave no stones unturned in finding out exactly why your competitors are ranking above you. More importantly, we’ll figure out how you can outrank them.

We will utilize all available knowledge in order to get your website to the top. 

We WILL deliver.

Building The Perfect SEO Team

SEO, just like any other form of marketing, requires analysis and creativity. This is why building and cultivating a strong SEO team is of utmost importance. Doing so is not an easy feat. Unlike other professions, you don't get trained for SEO in College. 

We look for smart, talented, and motivated individuals from related fields whose skills can be used in digital marketing.

Our team is composed of qualified and experienced data analysts, engineers, creative writers, journalists, designers, marketers, business administrators, and more.

We believe that effective communication and collaboration are crucial in delivering positive results. Unlike other SEO agencies who outsource many of their processes, our in-house team handles all of the tasks needed to bring you to the top.

Marvin Magusara

Founder / SEO Manager

Jessica Farinha

Jessica Farinha

Operations Manager

Edward Solicito

Edward Solicito


Marvin Sta. Ana

Marvin Sta. Ana

Content Manager

Andrew Ahearne

Andrew Ahearne

Content Writer

clarry herrera

Clarry Herrera

SEO Data Analyst

Mark Renzales SEO Consultant

Mark Renzales

SEO Consultant

Joshua Isola

Joshua Isola

Sr. Link Builder

technical seo specialist

Emerson Solatorio

Technical SEO Specialist

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What makes us different?

josh at work

Data-driven. Competitive. Transparent.

We are competitive in nature and have an unquenchable desire to be the best. 

We strive to know more than our competitors. Our goal is to have effective strategies that are as cost-efficient as possible.

These are the steps we take to become the best:

1. Understand Google’s algorithm

Google’s algorithm changes constantly and often without any warning. To keep up, we religiously study Google’s ever-changing algorithm through single-variable tests and analysis of thousands of data points. This helps us identify what the current ranking factors are. 

When you sign with us, you'll be getting access to SEO knowledge acquired through thousands of hours of learning, testing, and experience.

2. Offer complete transparency

There is no one-size-fits-all technique to SEO. This is why we will tailor-make a strategy that will fit your brand. We will happily discuss with you our entire process and answer all of your questions.

We won't hide anything from you. We will give you access to a live spreadsheet which you can use to follow our progress. We want you to think as if we’re an extension of your team.

3. Give you the best value for your money 

There are usually two ways to hire SEO services. 

You can work with a freelancer who, aside from juggling multiple clients, will be doing everything alone. Or, you can an SEO agency like us. The difference between us and other SEO agencies is that our overhead is low. This means we won’t charge you with sky-high prices.

We offer the best of both worlds - just the highest quality of SEO service, with honest pricing. Our overhead may be  far lower than your typical agency, but we have the manpower and the quality standards expected from any leading SEO agency!

4. Set honest expectations

When we sit down for a free consultation, we will analyse your goals, and do our best to assess what we can do for you. We’ll keep it real and tell you whether your goals are attainable or not.

We want to give you a very honest assessment of what SEO can do for your brand and how much work it will take.

5. Make no excuses, just deliver results 

When it comes to the endgame, we know that the only thing that matters for our clients are the results. We won't make any excuses. Should we not be able to deliver on our promises, we will give you back 30% of your contract price, no questions asked.

Aside from it being an assurance for clients, we also see this guarantee as a challenge for us to consistently deliver great results.

We offer SEO Agency Services from Manila, London and Bournemouth.

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