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website quality audit

Google measures the quality of your website by evaluating three key factors:

  • Search Intent – How well your content matches the search intent for each keyword.
  • Popularity – How many times your website gets mentioned across the web, and the quality of such mentions (backlinks).
  • Structure and Coding – How well your website meets the standards of their webmaster guidelines.

The better you perform in each area, the higher your rankings will be. It is long understood by the SEO industry that Google has some kind of quality score, and it is your job to optimize your website for it.

What our Website Quality Audit does for you:

  • Obtain a general idea of how Google sees your website in terms of quality.
  • Identify problems that undermine the quality of your site such as low-quality pages, to eliminate them.
  • Find the top performing pages of your website to boost their performance.

You already have an idea of our process and the benefits of auditing the quality of your website, but let us see the real importance behind it.

Why is a Website Quality Audit Important?

Because it allows you to identify what pages and elements in your website are holding it back, which opens up plenty of opportunities for growth. The bigger your website, the more you will need it.

It provides you a complete panoramic view because we analyze the most important data outputs:

  • Website architecture and structure
  • Content
  • Keywords ranking
  • Organic traffic
  • Inbound links
  • SERP Impressions
  • CTR

Each one of them is fundamental to identify the areas that need improvement, which only a deep and exhaustive analysis can bring to surface.

That is why seasoned SEOs use this special type of audit with new clients/projects or regularly throughout the year to measure the progress of a given website. It provides clues on what is working and what needs to be removed.

It allows you to analyze the on-page and off-page of your site, and in addition, to analyze its performance in terms of conversions, which involves the User Experience of your website.

As you can guess, a Website Quality Audit involves a lot of work, and below you will find a detailed explanation of everything we do.

The Process Behind a Website Quality Audit

Because there are plenty of on-page and off-page factors to analyze, we use the following tools:

  • ScreamingFrog: To obtain key data points about your content/pages such as index status, crawl depth, page title, page type, page meta, word count and canonical tags.
  • Google Analytics: To measure organic sessions, conversions and sales, and to evaluate the performance of your organic traffic over time.
  • Google Search Console: To measure the SERP impressions, clicks and CTR of your website, and to handle your sitemaps.
  • Ahrefs and SEMRush: To evaluate the number of backlinks you receive and their quality and to identify the best keywords for each page, to understand its general off-page performance.
  • SuperMetrics: To compile the data from the different platforms in one place for a deep analysis.

We use these tools in different stages of the process, and based on the circumstances, we may use additional tools.

We take care of every single aspect ranging from technical website structure and code to backlinks analysis.

Below you will find the full explanation of our process, to understand exactly what we do.

1. Perform a Full Website Crawl + On-page Examination

To understand the current situation of your website, we execute a full website crawl that allows us to obtain the following data:

  • Crawl depth
  • Internal URLs
  • URL structure
  • Page structure
  • Response status
  • Broken links
  • Redirects
  • Canonical URLs
  • Internal link structure
  • Hreflang tags
  • Title tags and descriptions

It allows us to identify what elements are not working properly, for example broken links, which may break your internal linking structure, and hence, undermining your SEO efforts. In addition, we perform speed tests on every page, to make sure that your website loads within the benchmark set.

It is especially helpful for big websites, because it is easy to overlook plenty of issues such as unnecessary redirects, improper canonicalisation, poor internal link structure, etc. It will allow you to build a roadmap to fix your website right off the bat.

G​​​​ather Off-Page Data

We start by obtaining all the data about the backlinks pointing to your website. To do it, we use Ahrefs (mainly) and SEMRush, to analyze the following factors:

  • Number of backlinks pointing to your site.
  • Quality of the backlinks (authority of the linking sites, topic/niche relevance, number of backlinks pointing to the linking page, etc.).
  • Link distribution (what pages of your site receive the most links).
  • Anchor text check.

It'll allow you to see if your site is receiving toxic backlinks, for example from spammy websites, or if you have over-optimized your anchor text ratio. It will bring to surface potential off-page problems that you can fix for quick improvements.

Furthermore, especially for big websites, it will allow you to detect cases of keyword cannibalization, something that can severely damage the performance of your website. Thanks to this data, you will be able to know that pages to prioritize and which ones to redirect.

After that, we use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website regarding these key factors:

  • Number of organic sessions.
  • Performance of organic traffic every month (to detect potential problems or opportunities depending if the traffic dipped or increased).
  • Page views.
  • Number of conversions and sales.

Apart from obtaining a precise estimation of the performance of your site on the SERPs, it also makes it possible to identify what elements might have caused the traffic to dip or to increase.

In addition, it allows us to see the performance of your traffic in terms of conversions, which will show us the potential UX problems, which you can easily fix to increase your conversion rate.

Finally, we use Google Search Console to understand more about the performance of your site, we measure:

  • SERP Impressions
  • Organic clicks
  • Click-through-rate

It is key to identify problems such as poor meta titles and meta descriptions that are not compelling users to click your website. An issue of easy solution that could increase your organic traffic greatly.

Data Organization + Report

The hardest and most tedious part of the entire process, because we need to put together all the on-page and off-page data, to bring you a clear and concise analysis of the current situation of your website in terms of quality.

We use a wide myriad of formulas to organize this data. Doing this yourself is a lot of work, especially if you have a website with 100's or 1000's of pages. Furthermore, analyzing each factor separately will consume a lot of your time.

You will find every URL listed along with key information such as the best keywords and their position, response status and crawl depth.

All the data about your website, in only one place. In addition, as it is a deep and exhaustive analysis, you will find suggestions on how to fix the problems that your website is facing.

You will discover what pages you need to eliminate, what pages need more work, what backlinks you should disavow/eliminate, what factors of your UX you need to fix and a lot more.


Is there a limit regarding the number of pages?

We can run this service for small and big websites alike, even if we are talking about 100s or 1000s of pages. Our Website Quality Audit is entirely tailored to your website.

Do I need to give access to google analytics and search console? 

We need access to these tools in order to gather the data we need. Nonetheless, we confine the data we obtain to exactly what we need to run the service.

What is the turnaround time?

2-4 Weeks depending on the size of the website.

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