+400% increase in monthly organic traffic.

We helped one of the UK's fastest-growing plumbing company, grow even FASTER.

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Plumbing Force is the UK's fastest-growing plumbing, heating, and drainage company. They are a network of local-based Gas Safe registered engineers offering a unique same-day service to their clients.

They came to us to help them improve their SERP rankings, grow their organic traffic, and eventually receive quality leads from their website.

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Here are some of the problems that we found:

  • The website only had few referring domains/backlinks and therefore suffered from a low domain authority.
  • The service and location pages were not optimized for SEO.
  • Their Google My Business Profiles weren't properly optimized.
  • There were a lot of technical issues that hindered the link equity flow across the site


We planned to tackle the lack of organic traffic through multiple angles. We ran a comprehensive site audit on the website and some of its biggest competitors to determine its pain points and why it's not delivering optimal results. 

This was our game plan…

Studies find that companies that invest in their blog receive over 67% more leads a month than companies without. (DemandMetric)


One of the easiest ways to increase domain rating and improve brand authority is by establishing an active and comprehensive blog. We wrote over fifty blog posts in the span of a year. A blog section provides multiple benefits:

  • Generates top-of-the-funnel traffic to the blog
  • Establishes the brand as an authority in the industry
  • Improves customer loyalty and trust
  • Allows web owners to increase their keyword density
  • Lead visitors to the next step of the sales funnel

Service Pages

PlumbingForce offers multiple services --- from Boiler Installation to Gas Systems Maintenance. We created a landing page for each service to explain the difference between each one adequately. We optimized all of the service pages for conversion and Google rankings.

Link Building

Search engines consider backlinks or referring domains as a vote of confidence towards a single site. The higher the number of referring domains, the easier it is to rank on the SERPs. We studied the competitor's pages to find out how many links were required to outrank them. 

Location Landing Pages

The client offers plumbing services all across the UK. That's why we created location landing pages for each specific area. We optimized each landing page for customer conversion, user experience, and keyword ranking. We used location-specific keywords such as "emergency plumber Chester" to reach local residents better.


Our strategy heavily relied on content creation. This is how the entire campaign went. 

Technical Site Audit

The first thing we did was to check the health of the website and make sure it chekcs all these boxes:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Page speed
  • Findable and Crawlable Content
  • Indexing issues
  • Canonical tags & Duplicate Content issues
  • Link Equity flow
  • Other technical factors.

A website that's poorly built with major technical flaws, specially from an SEO perspective, can really hurt the website's ranking capability.

Using User insights from Hotjar and Google Analytics, we optimized the design and User Journey to improve various User Signal metrics. We also created location-specific content for better search relevance. The key was finding the sweet spot between Readability, Keyword Density, and Customer Conversion.

On-Page Content Optimization

We wrote over fifty blog posts, hundreds of location landing pages, and a dozen service pages. Our team of content writers used various content optimization tools such as SurferSEO, CognitiveSEO, and PageOptimizer Pro. We subtly inserted relevant keywords, taking into consideration readability. We had to be careful not to stuff their content with keywords, which, in the bigger picture, does more harm than good to their ranking.

In November 2019, their website only had 116 keywords within the Top 10 results. We got this to 492 keywords. They also had 423 keywords in the striking distance position --- top 11-20 results. We increased this to 1702 within 11 months.

Link Building & Outreach

Backlinks play a heavy factor in SEO ranking. You get backlinks when a third-party website links to your site. It is generally considered as a vote of confidence for your content.

We executed various white-hat link-building strategies such as Guest Posting, Resource Links, Niche Edits, Competitor Backlinks outreach, and many more. In 11 months, we built 259 backlinks to the website. The site's referring domains increased from 179 to 417.

One of our primary strategies was to reverse engineer the outreach strategy of their competitors. We used Ahrefs to download all of the competitor's backlink data. We then reached out to these sites using NinjaOutreach


  • +400% monthly Organic Traffic growth from 2,697 to 13,480

    +115% increase in Monthly Goal Completions from 780 to 1,681

    + 2x increase in Monthly Leads Value within the 6-figures

    +5 GMB profiles in the Top 3 of the Local Pack

Tactics Used

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