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Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Annual Recurring Revenue


Increase in Domain Rating

30 > 61


Gatekeeper is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company providing the world’s leading AI-driven all-in-one Contract Management Platform. It helps businesses of all sizes drive more value from their contract agreements, while simultaneously helping them drive down costs, reduce business risk and boost their compliance.

Gatekeeper’s core platform is suitable for pure contract lifecycle management, as well as vendor and supplier management and they currently service over 150 customers worldwide.

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Gatekeeper Organic Traffic Growth since the start of the SEO Campaign

Ian Bryce

Head of Marketing


Marvin's and his team been a brilliant resource and support for our SEO activities. I've worked closely with him for over a year now and his insights and recommendations have been invaluable for driving significant organic traffic growth.

He's thorough and his expertise cover the full range of SEO disciplines. He's been particularly helpful with making technical and on-page recommendations to enhance the performance of our website and content.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses looking to grow their organic reach.


Gatekeeper wanted to boost online organic traffic, specifically to drive more leads and sales and also to make the most of the quality content they were producing on the subject of contract management.

Despite being one of the leading and most innovative software providers in this space, their search visibility, rankings, and organic traffic did not reflect that.

A process was needed to improve all aspects of their SEO, however, we were aware that we also needed to compete with dozens of solutions who were also executing their own SEO strategies. 


A multi-pronged approach with the primary goal of increasing the commercial keyword rankings in order to drive an increase in qualified, relevant organic traffic.

The process consisted of data-driven, proven-and-tested, white hat SEO strategies. This comprised manual outreach link building, technical SEO processes, a comprehensive keyword research process, and ongoing analysis.


Below is a step by step account of how we executed our strategies.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the primary foundation of every SEO strategy. Before proceeding, we needed to discover what keywords would drive traffic to Gatekeeper's website.

This the “keyword discovery” process where we compile all potential keywords from various sources, including 3rd-party keyword research tools, competitors data, google search console, Google analytics and manual research.

Keyword Analysis

Our comprehensive Keyword Research process provides us with thousands of keywords. Instead of spending an enormous amount of effort to rank for all of those keywords, we analyzed the keyword candidates and removed irrelevant and repetitive keywords.

We also grouped several keywords into clusters based on search intent and ranking potential. These keyword clusters were assigned to website pages where they would be able to rank for a specific service.

We then assessed the keyword difficulty based on an analysis of the search results to understand why some competitors were ranking highly and identified what we would need to do to rank higher for each specific keyword.

Keyword Gap Analysis

We created a content gap analysis and completed a thorough cross-analysis of the keywords to identify any keywords that Gatekeeper were not yet ranking for, but their competitors were.

From this list of keywords, we optimised the existing content of Gatekeeper. We also created a content strategy for creating new content targeting keywords that they were not currently ranking for.

Technical Audit

It would be challenging to rank a website riddled with glitches and technical errors. In addition, when website visitors experience error messages such as 404s and 403s, it can reflect poorly on a brand.

This wasn’t the case with Gatekeeper but there were still many technical tweaks that could be made to improve performance.

We ran a comprehensive, 240 point technical audit on Gatekeeper’s website which analyzed all of its pages.

This checklist includes reviews of speed, user signals, crawl rate, indexing, canonical tag issues. Our goal was to ensure that the website errors would not hinder Google's ability to crawl and rank the site at all.

On-Page Optimisation Recommendations

We created a list of on-page optimisation recommendations by reverse-engineering the on-page data of Gatekeeper’s top online competitors. The data provided us with insights on how their competitors were able to reach the top of SERPs.

From there, we analysed which factors would have the largest impact on the rankings and therefore provide maximum ROI.

The factors analyzed included page and keyword optimisation, matching the content to the search-intent, internal linking, page structure and backlinks.

Editorial Link Building

Building high-quality, editorial links are critical for rankings success. The most important factor in SEO ranking is the number of high-quality and relevant links that a website has from other websites. One of the key paths to growth for Gatekeeper was to drive a larger audience towards its quality content and the main mechanism to achieve this was increasing the number of quality inbound links.

To achieve this we built positive relations with the webmasters of other websites whose content is relevant to Gatekeeper’s website. We then created relevant editorial backlinks on real websites through these relationships.

In the case of Gatekeeper, we scoured the web for websites that promote the use of technology in business. We, then, contacted the webmasters of these websites with the intent to publish content.

Our content writers then created high-quality, highly relevant articles with direct links to Gatekeeper. The most important part of this step was to ensure that the articles and links were relevant to the Gatekeeper target article and audience.

Targeting Key Pages

Getting a boost in traffic is usually a major benefit, it increases brand awareness and potentially more conversions; however, with the wrong targeting - it can also merely be a vanity metric.

We identified the key pages to focus on for on-page optimisation and link building. These are pages with a higher commercial intent, relevant to the product and having keywords with high potential.

By focusing on these key pages, we were able to help treble the leads from organic traffic and help treble revenue attributable to organic traffic.


  • Increased keywords in the Top 10 by over 400%.
  • Increased the organic traffic of Gatekeeper by more than 163%
  • Increased the Ahrefs Domain Rating from 30 to 61
  • Helped treble Gatekeeper’s Annual Recurring Revenue from organic traffic year on year.
  • Despite 5 Major Algorithm changes from Google, Gatekeeper continued to rise to the top.

Tactics Used

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building

Gatekeeper Organic Traffic Analytics

gk analytics

Gatekeeper 437% Organic Traffic Growth since the start of the SEO Campaign VS. Previous Period

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