Teachinguide went from 0 to 100,000 monthly organic visits in just a year.

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Teachinguide is an Online Course Creation Insights Tool that provides online instructors with competitive information and valuable market insights to help them develop profitable online courses. Since its launch, Teachinguide has helped hundreds of online instructors in launching their own online courses.

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Teachinguide Organic Traffic Growth since the product launch and start of the SEO Campaign

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Tom Seidel



Growing organic traffic is highly competitive and only the best are making a difference. So we had been happy to find Marvin and Team for Teachinguide from the beginning. Not only do they have expert knowledge, but really know how to execute for consistent growth.

From zero to 80k visitors each month in a good year…and still growing steadily. Thank you so much and looking forward to new heights together.


Teachinguide was ready to launch its product, but they were unsure on how to reach their target audience.

They needed to reach both potential instructors that will use their software, and potential students. This would allow them to raise their brand awareness through the mass market of online course students, as well as generate revenue from instructors using their software.

However, the competition for broad terms such as "online course creation" was extremely competitive, they needed short term goals whilst aiming for the long-term.

SEO would have to be the focus marketing channel, they needed to rank for keywords which their potential users would be searching for. 

This is where To The Top came in. We employed our own data-driven approach to SEO to help them improve their website rankings and organic traffic. 


Our solution tackled multiple aspects of the client’s website. We wanted to focus first on the striking-distance keywords which we could win in the short-term, whilst building up enough Domain Authority to rank for the broader, more competitive terms in the long term.

We utilised data-driven, proven-and-tested, white hat SEO strategies. We followed our entire process end-to-end, from competitive audit, keyword research, technical SEO, content optimisation and link building.


Below is a step-by-step account of how we improved the client’s ranking.

Keyword Research

It is crucial that we identify the primary target keywords that the client needed to rank for. We made sure that they are relevant to the user’s search intent. Our team of SEO experts using various SEO tools created a comprehensive list of relevant keywords. 

The list of keywords we were able to collect acted as the basic foundation of our SEO strategy. High-quality, organic traffic is our main goal.

The first step of Keyword Research will output thousands of keywords. It goes without saying that the majority of these keywords are not relevant to the client. It would then be an obvious waste of resources, both time and manpower, for the website to rank on keywords that are not relevant to their services.

We took extra care in weeding out all the irrelevant and repetitive keywords. What we were left with was a concentrated list of keywords that the client should rank for. Once we’ve gotten the final list of keywords, we then grouped them into clusters.

Content Gap Analysis

We cross-match the results from our competitor analysis and identify which keywords are relevant to Teachinguide, either keywords that they should rank for or are already ranking for.

For the keywords that Teachinguide was not yet ranking for, we determined whether it’s worth it to spend resources on ranking for them; if they were pertinent to the website or not.

We did a thorough content optimization strategy to optimize all the existing content on Teachinguide. Our writers also planned out a content strategy to rank for the new keywords that we wanted to target.

Technical Audit

Aside from the content of the website, we also conducted a full examination of the technical performance of the website. The ranking of a website also depends on the user experience. For example, a website that is filled with glitches, error pages, and broken links will hamper the user experience, and thus will result in a lower ranking for Google.

The branding and reputation of the client also get affected with a bad website. We analyzed all of the client’s pages and noted any technical errors that we saw. We optimized their site speed, UX/UI, and overall technical performance. We also checked for drops in speed, redirection, indexing, crawling, and canonical issues.
Once everything was listed down, we notified the client’s web developer to make all the necessary changes.

On-Page Optimisation Recommendations

We created a list of on-page optimisation recommendations by reverse-engineering the on-page data of Teachinguide’s top online competitors. Through this process, we were able to figure out how these competitors reached the top of Search Engine Results Pages.

One common factor that we saw was that the individual placeholders in the content (i.e. title, URL meta-titles, h1-h5, primary content, and keyword density) needed to optimized properly.

After this, we determined what was the intent of the users when searching for certain keywords. For example, when an individual searches for “how to create online courses”, that person is looking for different methods on creating online courses. On Search Engine Results Pages, most of the top-ranking websites are providing How-Tos and Tips.

This means that these web pages have been optimized to rank for relevancy. We made sure that Teachinguide’s pages were optimized the same by increasing its relevancy towards specific keywords.

Editorial Link Building

Building high-quality, editorial links are critical for rankings success. One of the primary reasons why Teachinguide was lagging behind was due to its competitors who were already considered as authority sites by the search engines.

Link juice is important to any website. If you want your website to be considered an authority and inturn appear higher on Search Engine Results Pages, you need to have a number of websites link to you. This is not as easy as it sounds. You need high-quality and relevant websites and not just any websites.

We reached out to a number of relevant websites and created a mutual partnership with them in order to create as many links as we needed for Google to consider us an authority figure on the industry.

For Teachinguide, we focused on websites whose main niche was online learning or passive income. We messaged the webmasters of these websites with the proposal of an exchange. We provide them with high-quality content and in return, they will link to us.

It is important the content is written excellently and could pass for any international publication. Anything of lower quality would reflect on the client’s branding and reputation.


  • Increased the online traffic of the client to 98.5K 
  • Boosted the Domain Rating in Ahrefs from 0 to 42
  • Built 240 highly-quality, relevant editorial backlinks
  • Traffic Value is estimated at around $ 58.5 K

Tactics Used

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building

Teachinguide Organic Traffic Analytics

tg traffic graph ahref

Teachinguide 0 to 98k Organic Traffic Growth within a year

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