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What does Storage SEO Domination look like?

  • 300+ cities with Top 3 rankings.
  • 10,000+ Storage Leads generated.
  • 1,000,000+ Organic Visits.
  • $3,000,000+ worth of free traffic per year.

We've ranked storage companies at the very top of every major city in the U.K for self-storage related keywords. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, all the way to Glasgow, Edinburgh and even Belfast. 

This has generated over a million organic visits and ten's of thousands of leads. That is what being on top of Google can do for your business.

Find out how we can rank you at the top while we guarantee leads at the start of the campaign.

Why Self Storage SEO?

storage rankings

Outrank your competition

Let your storage company be the first the customers see. Get the lions hare of that traffic by outranking your competition.

More leads, Guaranteed

With more traffic comes more leads. Get more phone calls and enquiries for your Self Storage facility! We also guarantee leads at the start by assigning some of the budget towards GMB advertising.

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue by being at full capacity. Already at full capacity? Now is is a good time to increase your prices with the overflow of customers ready to move-in.

We dominate the UK Storage rankings, now we're coming to the US

We've reached the top of the UK rankings for all storage related keywords in over 300 towns and cities. We cannot work with any other storage companies in the U.K as it would be conflict of interest.

Now we're looking to work with a few US based  storage companies looking to establish themselves as the no.1 storage company in their city, state or even the country.

The 4 pillars of ranking

Content Optimisation

We have one of the most comprehensive Keyword Research and Content Optimization processes in the industry.

Every decision we make is based on data-driven analysis and then validated via single-variable testing.

Link Building

We have a team dedicated just to link building consisting of a Project Manager, Prospectors, Outreach Specialists and Writers.

Our team focuses on building white-hat links from topically relevant sites with real traffic. You benefit from increased rankings and more traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO sets the foundation for everything. No amount of backlinks or On-Page Optimization can rank a website that has major technical SEO flaws.

We make sure that the technical aspects of your site improves your SEO rather than hinder it.

User Signals

Google's entire purpose is to help users find the right content to satisfy their search query.

User signals are a major part of the algorithm. Through keyword research and content creation, we match your pages to the search intent of the user.

#1 on the Local Maps Pack

With over 40,000 storage facilities in the U.S, the self storage industry has become very competitive. PPC ads are expensive and social medial can be a hit or miss for self storage businesses. 

The Maps Pack can generate up to 50% of the traffic to your website. We specialize in getting you to the top of the maps pack so that not only do you capture traffic from the organic rankings, but also from the local maps pack rankings.

We achieve this by boosting your company's niche relevance, location relevance and authority in the eyes of Google through traditional SEO methods and reputation management.

Can you benefit from Self Storage SEO?

Self Storage SEO can help you:
  • attract new customers.
  • increase your company brand awareness.
  • lower your ad spend by ranking at the top of the organic results.
  • expand your business.

If you need help with your self storage marketing get in touch.

Manual Self-Storage SEO Video Audit

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    SEO for Storage Companies - FAQs

    What do you need from us?

    We usually start with a full audit of your website and then go for the quick wins. These could be; content gap, GMB rankings, technical SEO fixes, link building.

    We would need access to your website's Google Analytics, Search Console and CMS (if we're making the onsite changes).

    Will SEO work for my storage business?

    Any storage business can benefit immensely from SEO. If you're running a storage facility in a small town, we can help ensure that your website is at the top and maximize the traffic going to your website.

    If you run a larger company with facilities nationwide, we can help ensure that you rank for every location, both in the maps pack and the organic rankings.

    How long do I need to sign up for?

    We have a rolling month-to-month contract. Although we like to outline the deliverables at the start, this is mainly for the client's benefit so that both parties know what to expect and do not tie the client to a long-term contract.

    How much does SEO cost and what should I spend?

    Storage is a competitive industry with several companies competing for the same customers.

    We have many packages available, and pricing varies depending on how competitive your area is and your SEO goals.

    We want to help you make informed decisions about your storage needs. For a free video audit, contact us today!

    Can you help with different storage locations?

    We actually specialize in multi-location SEO. We can improve the overall authority of your site, which in turn will help to rank all of your locations and give a boost to any specific location pages that need it - contact us today!

    How do you guarantee leads?

    We know that we can rank you at the top, and whilst we will do our best to get it there as soon as we can, there is no reason why you should have to wait for the leads. We use some of the budget towards pay-per-click in order to generate traffic and leads for your facility whilst we are working on your SEO.

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